Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freight Forwarders cooperate to conquer the world

In International Shipping News 12/05/2015

113 agents from across 57 countries made their way to Bangkok for the 4th annual meeting of Conqueror Freight Network, the world’s only truly exclusive network.
The Plaza Athenee, Bangkok provided the venue for the network’s annual get together, hosting 113 agents from across 57 countries who were all there for the same reason; to grow their businesses and conquer the world together.
“Our annual meeting is the most important element in our triad of tools for boosting the business volume of our members; the others being city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and cooperation. Agents are participating in 2,500+ one to one meetings and, as you can see, they are making the most of these as well as competing for each other’s attention away from them,” explained founder Antonio Torres.
“We have attended every meeting since the launch of the network and I can honestly say that year on year, we have experienced a noticeable increase in shipments from fellow members and I firmly believe that the same will happen again this year,” said one member.
Five years since its launch, Conqueror Freight Network is a well-established alliance of carefully selected, independent freight forwarders in 228 cities, 103 countries. A combined annual turnover of USD 2.2 billion, over 19,000 employees who handle 1.05+ million shipments each year comprising 175.000 tons of airfreight cargo and 600.000 TEUS of seafreight cargo, makes this exclusive network a top 10 player in the global market.
In addition to the 2500+ one to one meetings on offer, delegates were introduced to Conqueror’s latest tools to assist them in their daily operations, including an online quotation request tool and a payment monitoring system.

“We believe in promoting good communication and healthy financial relationships between members. Our request tool will simplify the management and tracking of rate requests between members and the payment monitoring system will allow agents to add, view and edit details of open invoices,” said Mr Torres.
“Every year, we are treated to new and innovative tools to help us in our daily operations,” said one delegate, “Being an independent forwarder, I can’t afford to incur unpaid invoices. The new payment system being launched today will enable us to better manage our payments to and from other agents in the network.”

When asked what his verdict on the meeting was, Mr Torres had this to say, “I always determine this on the feedback of the agents and so far so good.”

Source: Conqueror Freight Network